Frequently Asked Questions

Video Streaming FAQs

Common questions asked about watching or videos

1. How do I create my own watchlist?

With AutismFLIX you have the option to add any video as a “Favorite”. Your “Favorites” list serves as your location for saving videos you’re interested in watching (or rewatching) in the future. Simply select any title you’d like to add and from the video page select “Add to Favorites”. If you no longer want a video in your list, open the title and the button will now read “In Favorites”. Click this button again to remove the video from your “Favorites” list.

2. How do I access the downloadable tools?

Much of the content you can access on AutismFLIX includes free downloadable tools! You can access these tools by clicking on a title and looking for the “Resources” section below the video. Click the “Resources” tab and any included downloadables will appear giving you access to save them for future use.

3. Why don’t the videos play smoothly or at all?

There are many reasons a video might not playback smoothly. Some common solutions to streaming problems are:

  • Try a different browser. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge are the recommended browsers.
  • Clear your cookies.
  • Try to reduce the number of active devices on your network If none of these solutions are effective check out this Help article from our hosting platform for additional support

4. What devices can I use to stream AutismFlix content?

Any internet-enabled device can be used to stream AutismFLIX. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge are the recommended browsers

5. Is there a recommended order for the videos?

There’s not a recommended order for the videos as each video is a complete and stand-alone piece of content. However, we do have a few videos that are a great starting place for much of our key content. If you’re not familiar with the topics the following videos can be a good starting place

  • What is ABA
  •  Introduction to Developmental and Mental Health Diagnoses
  •  Behavior – Introduction to Behavior

Account FAQs

Check out these common questions about your account management

1. Can I share my account?

You are welcome to share your AutismFLIX account with anyone living in the same household. Sharing your account with anyone beyond your household is a copyright violation. It also makes it impossible for us to continue to create helpful content and resources.

Subscription FAQs

Get answers to your questions about our subscriptions

1. How do I cancel my subscription?

If you need to cancel your subscription you can navigate to the “My Account” page (accessible via menu item at the top of the page). From “My Account” select the “Billing” tab and select the “Cancel My Subscription” option.

2. Can I give a subscription as a gift?

Yes! If you’d like to gift a subscription to someone simply click the “Gift Cards” option at the top of any AutismFLIX page and select “Buy a Gift Card”. From the “Buy a Gift Card” page you can choose to either select a specific amount or a specific subscription and number of billing periods. There are fields to select who the card is going to and an area where you can add your own message.

3. How often are new videos added?

There’s not a defined schedule for new content during the beta stage of release (January 2022 to March 2022) but we will aim to add new content every Friday. The first bulk content import after the beta test of AutismFLIX is currently planned for March 2022.

General FAQs

Questions that didn’t fit into our other categories

1. What is AutismFlix?

AutismFLIX is a brand-new streaming video service designed for anyone seeking to better support a neurodiverse learner. The video and resource content on AutismFLIX can be used to improve the teaching skills, diagnosis understanding, and behavioral response of any parent, teacher, clinician, grandparent, etc. Downloadable resources are included with many of the videos at no extra cost!

AutismFLIX was created with the same mission on which its parent company, Special Learning Global, is founded. Special Learning’s mission is to create dynamic and accessible training, resources, and tools that will benefit the neurodiverse population worldwide.

2. Who is Special Learning, Inc.?

Special Learning, Inc is an organization of passionate professionals on a mission to make exceptional education available for ABA practitioners, educators, parents, and clinicians around the world.

Informing, educating, and empowering parents, teachers, and ABA providers is what we do. Read More here.

3. What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based intervention that falls under the classification of “Behavior Management Strategies” and has been proven useful in many settings. ABA is a systematic and Scientific Approach that utilizes the concepts of reinforcement to increase motivation to increase desired behaviors and reduce undesirable behaviors.

You can learn more about ABA on the Special Learning Blog!